Raspberry Pi DSTAR Net

Version: 20180809.2100


This Facebook group, combines two hobbies together, The Raspberry Pi computer and DSTAR radio.

The group has a radio net on DSTAR, on Monday nights in North America on REF038C.

If the reflector is not working, then we shall use the old backup reflector of REF026A, Vancouver reflector.

Details of when and who is the net control station may be found here:

1st Monday:  open

2nd Monday: Steve, KC9SIO

3rd Monday: Jim, WA7VFQ

4th Monday:  Wayne AB9FJ

5th Monday:  Ted, VE7LEE

We are looking for a Net Controller for the 1st Monday of the month. No previous experience require.


Here is the DASHBOARD for :


For REF026A, go to http://ref026.dstargateway.org


If you want to join this group:
1) Read the “About” on the right (actually, everyone should)

2) Click on “Join Group”

3) Expect a profile visit from an admin due to all of the spam from professional spammers.

4) If your public profile does not clearly show an interest in Amateur Radio, DSTAR, or computers, you should send a message to one of the admins to explain. Also you public profile must show your real name and you should have a few friends and some history.

Most requests are handled in 12-24 hours, often sooner if your public profile shows an interest. If your request is not approved, please review the above steps. Thanks and 73
Founder, VE7LEE

The Raspberry Pi is a very capable mini computer that’s small enough to fit in your pocket (even though you’d probably never keep it there). For about $35-40, you get a case less computer with HDMI and analog composite video output. You can add up to two USB devices (which, in most cases, will be a mouse and keyboard) and connect it to the internet via wired Ethernet. The Raspberry Pi is powerful and inexpensive, allowing you to create a home media center, internet radio, or even your own VPN server on the cheap.